Search Tips

The easiest way we have found to be successful in searching is to enter one piece of information. For instance, enter the account number OR the parcel number OR the house number OR the street name. You do not have to capitalize proper nouns to search.

If that presents too many accounts, then you may want click the Back arrow on your browser to add a second item, thus narrowing the search. REMEMBER to click the Back arrow at the top of your browser and then click Clear to start a new search.

Online Payments

There is a vendor fee for this service.

Select the account you would like to pay. In the upper left corner, select the payment you want to make, i.e., First Half Payment, Second Half Payment, Whole Payment.

When the Shopping Cart appears, you may add other accounts to your payment by following the instructions in the upper left corner of the screen. Click Checkout when you are ready to set up your payment.

Choose the type of electronic payment you want to use, E-credit or E-check. Follow the prompts. You will be shown the amount you are paying on your tax accounts AND the amount you are paying for the fee. NOTE: None of the fee goes to Archuleta County. The vendor fee is transmitted directly to the company providing this service.